Yoga Studio Sarasota | Studio Class Descriptions

At Studio 3, we offer a variety of yoga classes, fitness classes, and wellness classes, both in person and online. Studio 3 is a favorite with Sarasota locals and visitors alike because of our welcoming atmosphere and knowledgeable teachers. If you are looking to further your yoga practice in a tranquil and modern studio space, sign up for a group class or schedule a private session. We welcome students of all levels and ages.



Rooted in fundamentals, this yoga practice allows students to explore body alignment, sequencing of postures and the practice of deliberate inhalation and exhalation in synchronicity with energizing movements. 


Designed to challenge the core, this class will work to build strength in all muscle groups, while increasing flexibility. The movements performed on the mat focus specifically on abdominal strengthening and core control with proper body alignment. Participants may also use weights, ball, or bands.


Using a fusion of ballet, pilates and yoga inspired movements this class focuses on form. Each movement performed helps to align, contour and tone every muscle in the body. The workouts are structured to energize the body.


We are an eco-friendly boutique, event space, and yoga & wellness studio.

Serving Sarasota, Siesta Key, Longboat Key, Bradenton, and Palmetto.

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