Nice to Meet You!


Hi there! My name is Kara and as a sustainable style & wellness advocate, leadership coach for women, podcast host, yoga teacher, and paradigm shifter...

I am devoted to helping you live a life of greater beauty, authenticity and joy. I want to guide you in creating a personal brand that reflects the complexities of you. I want to connect you with products that merge aesthetics & ethics, and are good for your well being. I want to help you align your innate potential with a functional model that invites wholesome encounters and abundance into your life.

But most of all, I want to make you aware that you are worthy of anything and everything you could ever dream of. I am here to help you blossom. 

My intrigue for design and passion for wellness led to the creation of Fixxation Boutique - a retail & wellness space and conscious community providing sustainable style, clean beauty, yoga and leadership coaching to ambitious women are looking to make a positive impact in this life-time. 

Let's grow together! I want to work with you and help you discover magic in your life. I created the #StayFixxated Mastermind to be an approachable experience for women who are seeking passion and purpose. With supportive guidance, this mastermind is the perfect match for women who are seeking growth in their business or personal development process. Engaging with both private and group coaching, this experience provides you with the tools to create freedom in your life. Are you ready? Click here.