Wellness | What Do You Believe In?

Wellness | What Do You Believe In?

Do you know what the most powerful words in the universe are? The words you say to yourself - which is kind of terrifying because if you're anything like me you shit on yourself with more frequency than you'd like to admit. 

From the moment we enter into this world we begin to formulate these beliefs and biases that will in time shape the way we view and react to the situations we encounter throughout our lives. By no ones fault, we absorb the opinions of those around us; family, friends, school, culture and society.  Our environment literally begins to program our brains with hardcore beliefs about love, money, work, and even our own capabilities. 

The sketchy part about these beliefs and biases that we often cling to and view as the absolute truth, is the fact that most of the time these concepts aren't created from a place of deep introspection. It's kind of like walking around in a pair of hand-me-down shoes that your someone you admire told you would fit. You value their opinion, so you take their word for it and you wear the shoes. They're incredibly uncomfortable and they give you blisters, but you don't stop to question if they're meant for you. Maybe this is what wearing shoes feels like.

This way of life becomes your comfort zone - that's not so comfortable. 

But there's a better way my friend. All beliefs are a choice (consciously or unconsciously), and choices can be changed. Hallelujah! When you realize that a belief is nothing more than a thought you decided was significant and true, a transformation takes hold. You begin to examine all the belief systems that have control in your life, consciously deciding which add value and which subtract value. You replace any negative beliefs with new empowering beliefs that are in line with you goals. You shape your reality with intent. 




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