Wellness | When Do You Talk With Creativity?

Wellness | When Do You Talk With Creativity?

Engaging with creativity is one of the single most important factors of success. That is not to say that every person's creative process is the same, rather that creating the conditions for creativity to flow freely is a must if you want to talk with creativity often. 

When you hear the term 'creative' in reference to an individual, what comes to mind - a painter, an actor, a photographer maybe? As a society we have collectively coined creativity to be center around art/design/marketing and furthermore center around the idea of developing something new and innovative in the realm of art/design/marketing. I'm sure you've been told or know someone that has been told "you are so creative". It's become known as a way to describe someone who regularly produces new things of interest.

But creativity is not confined to the arts. Creativity is not confined to newness and innovations. Creativity is unlimited and expansive. It comes in any and every form you could ever imagine. 

So why do so many people have a hard time connecting with and engaging with creativity?

It's because we are not taught to examine when creativity comes to us naturally. Often times we get so wrapped up in the brilliant idea that just 'randomly' came to us, that we become absorbed. It's fun to get lost in the moment. It's exciting to let your brain take you on a journey of possibilities. But so often it seems these intense moments are far and few between because we have not created the conditions or habits that are conduits for creativity. With a bit of guidance and a lot of reflection, you can illuminate the commonalities that are present when you talk with creativity and establish method of engagement.

How to Talk With Creativity 

  • EXAMINE: the next time you find yourself thinking "damn that's really good idea" p a u s e and take a moment to examine your literal surroundings. What time of day is it? Who are you talking to? Yourself? Your significant other? What are you listening to? What are you doing? What are you drinking/eating? Take note of every single aspect about that moment and write it down. As you continue to do this, you will notice similarities that clarify when creativity flows freely to you.
  • DEVELOP: now that you can pinpoint the commonalities that allow you to engage with creativity, you can develop a daily routine that encompasses each of these identified creative conduits. The point of establishing a set of habits centered around your creative prime time, as I like to call it, is to keep you in a space of receiving. You are not only training your brain, but you are establishing trust within yourself and your process as a whole.  
  • RELEASE: with the proper practices in place, you can begin to release your need to control, and that is when the magic happens. Instead of dwelling in a place of lack, waiting for the next idea to come, you proactively make space and participate in consistency. As with anything you consistently do, it's only a matter of time before results appear and in this case that result is inspiration.

If you are feeling stuck or like you have a creative blockage, you may have some lurking limiting beliefs to uncover before constructing the ideal environment that will allow you to talk with creativity. Consider reading this blog post to gain insight on how the limiting beliefs that dwell in the subconscious mind can sabotage our currently reality. If you are needing more guidance and accountability, consider applying for the Stay Fixxated Mastermind to see if it would be a good fit for you. 




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