Wellness | Is The Universe Working For You Or Against You?

Wellness | Is The Universe Working For You Or Against You?

How many times have you found yourself shaking your fist at the sky, mascara running down your face, cursing the Universe/God/Spirit for conspiring against you? Probably a crap ton if you're like the general population. Sometimes it seems like no matter what you do, the gods are not on your side.

From such a young age, we are taught that we will be rewarded for good behavior and punished for bad behavior. This developmental system is ingrained in our DNA and plays a large role in the decisions we make on a daily basis. Although it does serve as a certain moral road map to becoming a decent human being, it lacks the ability to handle the complexity of the subconscious. 

So what?

When left unmanicured, the subconscious can become quite unruly - and the worst part is that it goes undetected. Events take place in our lives that trigger certain emotions. The conscious mind experiences these feelings in real time and the emotions felt are catalyst to actions that are relatively conscious, in most cases.

The subconscious mind, on the other hand, is like the news. It focuses on a select few events that happen in our lives and they are typically negative. Over time, because the subconscious mind is a vault, it compiles all these experiences you gather and compresses them down into one file - a belief. Just like that a new mental paradigm is shaped and the way your life unfolds will change because of it. 

So now that you know how the subconscious works, can you see how it might create some problems in regards to the reward/punish system so many adhere to? Let's break it down.

You have unknowingly adopted the belief that you are not worthy. Your subconscious so kindly compiled all of the events in your life that support this ridiculous claim, and now you are stuck with this sneaky belief, unbeknownst to you. As you navigate through life seeking rewards for good behavior, you pride yourself on your hard work ethic. You've been taught that hard work leads to success but damn, it sure seems to be taking a long time. You begin to compare yourself to your coworkers - why did Joe get that promotion and not you? You've been working your ass off! Cue self-sabotaging behavior.

Unless you take the time to unpack the moments of your life that have been turned into full blown belief systems, it's hard to comprehend that the underlying issues have nothing to do with your work output and everything to do with your limiting beliefs. You could work 80 hours a week but if your subconscious believes you are not worthy of that promotion or raise, you won't get it - plain and simple.

Another flaw with relying on a rewards based system is that your value is determined by what someone else deems as worthy and reward-able. Your intrinsic value is diminished to almost nothing and you relinquish control of what is important to you - your goals, your desires, your actions. It becomes a cyclical cycle of highs and lows aka rewards and punishments, respectively. But what if there was a way to be in control and have the Universe work in your favor most all the time?

I would like to suggest the concept that you are not being rewarded or punished for your actions, but instead you are being recognized for your thoughts and desires. This brings the ball back in your court. 

Let's continue with the example from above. When coming from the space of being recognized, it becomes very apparent that your thoughts really do create your reality. You may consciously tell yourself that you deserve that raise over Joe, but if the negative belief that you are not enough remains, that becomes a conflict of interest and the Universe is going to give you more time to figure out what you actually want.

But let's say you take our Stay Fixxated Mastermind course, you expose any limiting beliefs that are lurking in the shadows and you replace them with positive ones. Your thoughts still shape your realty, but this time your subconscious and conscious thoughts are in alignment and God recognizes that. Can you imagine the magic that would be created in your life? 

Remember, you receive anything and everything you want. You just have to make sure that what you actually desire has a fighting chance. Unpack those negative paradigms. Align your actions with your goals. Abundance is already yours, you just have to accept it in your life. 





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So true. It is often the subconscious that’s running the show, and without us even realizing it. Great article!

Jaryn Nelson

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