Wellness | Instagram's Algorithm is a Metaphor for LOA

Wellness | Instagram's Algorithm is a Metaphor for LOA

When it comes to Instagram – there’s no denying that your feed is intentionally curated to your specific likes and wants. The accounts that you repeatedly like photos of, hashtags you use, or terms that you search, all play a part in Instagram’s algorithm, determining what content shows up on your feed. And you’d probably agree with me that it’s pretty damn accurate.

Even though I’m the one plugging in the components to the algorithm which ultimately creates the outcome, I always find myself surprised when Instagram shows me exactly what I’m looking for – like HOW DID IT KNOW?! And then I realized that Instagram is the equivalent of the Law of Attraction, just in app form.  

If you aren’t familiar with the concept of the LOA, here’s the gist: whatever you think about most, you create in your life, positive or negative.

Now I know it seem preposterous that we would willingly create negativity in our lives – but we do that shit all the time. It’s called worrying, and worrying essentially brings you all the things you don’t want. The realization that every single decision made in your life, both positive and negative, has put you in the scenario you are currently in, can be really harsh for some.

But once you realize your innate potential and that you are the creator of your own life, it becomes increasingly liberating and exciting! Learning how to focus the mind on positivity and trusting that your thoughts will materialize becomes a fun and v rewarding game. Here’s how to make your dreams a reality:


  1. Self Reflection

Any journey begins with a starting point. Taking the time to explore your mindset and explore your tendencies is needed for growth, as it provides an assessment of what you’re currently working with. You have far more wisdom within you than you give yourself credit for and these three questions will help to illuminate your true desires and any blockages you may have.

  • What are you most excited to manifest in your life? Why?
  • What thoughts/feelings do you find yourself focusing on throughout the day that do not support your highest self?
  • What thoughts/feelings could you focus on more to better align with your highest self?


  1. Repetition & Intention

A lot of us are working with mental constructs that we aren’t even consciously aware we possess. That is why it’s so important to really dig deep and figure out what limiting beliefs are holding you back. And once aware of these negative thoughts, you can move forward and replace them with empowering and loving statements that embody receptivity. It sounds easy but let me tell you it takes a lot of practice. You will catch yourself going down the rabbit hole of negativity – and sweetie that is A OKAY! As long as you can begin to recognize that you’ve let yourself slip, and intentionally get back to safer grounds, that’s the name of the game.

Think of the places that your mind tends to wander – the shower, the car, cooking dinner, doing laundry. Those are some of the activities that I slip into mindless (negative) thinking instead of intentional (positive) creating. To keep your mind from wandering into the dark abyss, try giving it something constructive to focus on. I’ve been using the ThinkUp app – which allows you to record yourself saying 3 positive affirmations of your choosing, and then play those recordings on a loop.


  1. Align Action

What can you do on a daily basis that will get you closer to your desired life? Big or small, it doesn’t matter, but make sure you are actively putting energy towards that goal every single day. Energy flows where focus goes, so if you’re focusing on this bad ass new life your creating, it’s going to come with ease.


Are you a manifestation pro?? Tell me your stories in the comments!




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