Fashion | Clean Up Your Closet With These 3 Sustainable Brands

Fashion | Clean Up Your Closet With These 3 Sustainable Brands

When it comes to style, a common misconception is that you have to sacrifice ethics for aesthetic. I know when I use to imagine what sustainable style would look like – I would picture burlap bags as dresses and cringe, wanting no part of that. But kids, that’s not even close to accurate!

Why is slow fashion so important?

Although very real, environmental damage and inhumane working conditions caused by fast fashion seem unfavorable, but distant enough not to be your problem. While that logic sucks, I’ll humor you and focus on the factors that pertain to you, specifically.

Your skin absorbs everything that you put on it. The immediates that come to mind are skincare products – things like lotions, sunscreens, and perfumes. But you skin is also in close contact with something on the daily that is full of chemicals – your clothes. Tons of toxins are produced during the textile production process. From making fibers, to bleaching or dyeing fabrics, you skin has the potential to consume a lot of harmful chemicals, if you are not conscious of the clothing you buy.

A Greenpeace study for the Detox Campaign identified 11 chemicals frequently used to make our clothes that contain toxins, carcinogens, and hormone disruptors.

It is time to hold the fashion industry accountable and take this ridiculousness personal – because it is. When something like style, that is meant to be creative and personal, becomes destructive and damaging (to your wellbeing and Mother Natures), it becomes hard to justify as trend worthy.

Check out these three sustainable brands we carry that blend ethics with aesthetics:


  1. Grey State Apparel
  2. Etica Denim
  3. Born From A Wave


“There is serious value in rethinking the industry’s traditional system of showing, delivering, and discounting collections to better match today's globalized, digital world.”
- Business of Fashion
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