N:Philanthrophy - Look Good & Feel Good

N:Philanthrophy - Look Good & Feel Good

Just as COVID-19 has become a regular term in your everyday vocabulary, working from home is the new norm. It has now become acceptable to put on a business casual blouse for your Zoom meeting, while wearing your pajama pants as bottoms – or maybe even just cheeky underwear considering no one sees your bottom half. Phew. This new #WFH movement has created the demand for comfy clothes that are a step (or two) above pajamas, yet not your regular chic workwear. I mean let’s be real, that pencil skirt you typically wear is not conducive to sofa surfing. So what is the solution to looking presentable and still being hella cozy while you run a business from you sofa?

Meet loungewear.

A few months into COVID, fashion brand distributors realized that the need for their normal streetwear collections had diminished, as people had nowhere to wear fun floral sundresses or expressive tie-dye caftans, since we were all quarantining. The focus then became loungewear. Loungewear incorporates just enough tailored sophistication to have style, while still allowing for relaxation while wearing.

N:Philanthrophy is a brand we stock at Fixxation Boutique, and let me tell you, it is the epitome of loungewear in the best way possible. With hand distressing, dynamic deconstruction, and cutout detailing transform basic tanks, tees, and joggers by adding a level of understated elevation that screams quality. Can you hear it??

Not only will these wardrobe staples by N:Philanthrophy inspire you to feel beautiful and confident, but you will also experience that “feel good” energy from supporting a brand that gives a damn. How do they give a damn you ask? By donating 10% of net profits to pediatric cancer research and animal welfare charities. A brand that wants you to look good and feel good - that’s what we are all about here at Fixxation.   

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