How To Get Results Working With a Life Coach

How To Get Results Working With a Life Coach

When consulting with perspective clients, a question I am often asked is "what results can you guarantee?". This is a tricky question to answer and any life coach or wellness coach that markets guaranteed results is marketing false promises. The results of your time working with a life coach are completely dependent on your willingness to integrate the practices and principles provided, into your everyday life.

So how can you make the most of working with a life coach?

Life Coach vs. Marketer

If you were to type in 'life coach Sarasota' in the Google search bar, there would be an overwhelming amount of options to choose from. Coaches who heavily rely on marketing may have aesthetically pleasing websites, use impactful verbiage, and make promises that sound exciting. I'm not saying that these marketers are incapable of helping you create sustainable change in your life, they might be able to help. But when you really look at what they have to offer you and you start asking them questions, the program almost always consists of a one size fits all approach, which hardly ever yields lasting results. These marketers often say things like "follow my six step method and you will make 6 figures". It sounds nice, but the reality of it is that it's not realistic. Life coaches on the other hand are trained to account for the complexities of your life. Not only will they help you define your desires, your struggles, your passions, but they can help your through any unexpected changes you may experience (I think we can all relate to that right now). Life coaches have the skill set to provide a tailored plan of action. The same strategies they are teaching to you, they implement in their own life. When people reach out to me about becoming a client, I tell them all about my daily self-coaching routine, the books I've read in the past month, and the podcasts I listen to religiously. I do this so that they understand how serious I take this work and they understand the types of practices they will be partaking in, and the amount of effort it will take. I completely understand that it is easy to be enamored by pretty photos and (false) promises. I've taken the marketing bait before and the results were fleeting. If you are looking for sustainable change in your life, do yourself a favor and hire a reputable life coach who leads with integrity.

That being said, life coaches obviously have to market what they offer. It is a business after all. The difference lies in what they are marketing. A reputable life coach provides value to their clients before ever landing the sale. This value allows them to attract the right type of customer, instead of going after anyone and everyone like a marketer often does. When you are providing content of value to people, they get a sense of who you are and what you stand for, which is incredibly important when considering you will be working with this person for an extended period of time. You want to make sure you are working with a coach who has a similar belief system to you. Because the Stay Fixxated Mastermind is based around the premise that our thoughts shape our reality, we utilize visualization meditations, EFT tapping, visions boards, as well as soulful strategies to create sustainable change. Working with the Universe to create our dream life may seem woo-woo to some and be a hard no. That's okay because to others, it may resonate deeply and be a full body yes. Either way, my authenticity attracts the customers that I intentionally designed the program for. 

How Does Willingness Play A Role

No matter how amazing your life coach is, if you are not willing to implement the strategies they give you, it will be a colossal waste of time for all involved. Your willingness is the key to success. Through the process, things will make you uncomfortable and there will be certain practices you want to avoid. While your life coach is there to guide you and hold you accountable, your participation is the main indicator of your success. If you aren't ready to commit, it may be more practical to purchase a downloadable series that you can work through at your own pace. However if you are ready to make the commit, your life will transform in ways you cannot even imagine


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