Fashion | What Is Your Hero Piece?

Fashion | What Is Your Hero Piece?

When you look in your closet, what is the one piece of clothing you always gravitate towards? It is the pair of boyfriend denim pants that fit you just right? Or maybe it's the silk cami with the cowl neck that really shows the girls off, if you know what i mean (wink, wink). That my friend is your hero piece! 

So why is it important to identify your hero pieces?

If you are anything like me, getting dressed in the morning can be a tad overwhelming. Walking into a closet of endless possibilities can make your eyes start to twitch (or maybe it’s the lack of coffee, minor details). This is where the hero piece comes into play! Making a definitive decision about what your defining piece of the day will be allows you to plan your outfit around that one component. This helps compartmentalize the brain, separating things that go and things that don’t go.

Let’s say you have a plaid blazer that you choose as your statement piece. It becomes obvious in an instant that you will need basic layering pieces to complete the outfit and let the blazer remain the focal point of the outfit. You choose a muted black denim pant that tapers at the ankle, as it compliments the plaid pattern color scheme. You choose a white knit square neckline top to accentuate your collar bones. As a finishing touch you add a dainty gold necklace and black leather bag. Boom – just like that you are ready to roll.

So why do you find yourself drawn to these pieces again and again?

It’s safe to say that the hero pieces in your closet are the bones of your authentic style, and everything else adds variety and layers of intrigue to enhance that style. As you become aware of repetitious themes in your wardrobe, it becomes so much easier to shop and purchase clothing that you feel confident in – adios buyer’s remorse.

If you are interested in developing your personal style, curating a rack of hero pieces is a must! Try dedicating a portion of your closet to strictly hero pieces, that way you always have a starting point in the mornings. Whether it’s a statement piece, a defining piece, or the piece you’re most excited to wear, identify your hero piece will help to identify your unique personal style as a whole.




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