A Letter to My Ideal Customer

A Letter to My Ideal Customer


A common practice when formulating a business plan is to identify your ideal customer and create a customer profile. It really helps to define exactly who you are serving and what value you are providing them with. I’ve always found this process to be a fun one. There are so many components to consider and this process allows you to get super creative and descriptive. That being said, customer profiles always tend to remain behind the scenes even though they are essentially the foundation of the business.

I feel like it’s important to share Fixxation’s ideal customer first of all because “what you seek is seeking you” (one of my favorite quotes by Rumi). I want to make it known that I am seeking a specific type of client, not to make Fixxation seem exclusive, but because I know that client will appreciate the value I am providing. I also think that openly featuring my ideal client will strengthen the relationship I have with my current customers. Those of you that already interact with me on Instagram or those of you that have become regulars at the boutique in Sarasota – something about Fixxation has already resonated with you and there’s a chance that the more authenticity I share, the more Fixxation’s mission will align with your personal mission and the stronger our connection will be.

So who is my ideal customer?


IDGAF. There I said it. I don’t care about your age, your race, your education, or your location - that is such an old fashion way of doing business in my opinion. I have no interest in your labels, only the energy that you radiate. I have customers who are in their 20’s and I have customers who are in their 50’s. I have customers who are White, Black, and Latino. I have customer who are from Sarasota and I have customers who live in Los Angeles. There is no one set of demographics that I aim to cater to. Instead I cater to women who live intentionally.


What does she spend her time on? On weekdays, she focuses on finding ways to nourish the abundance and prosperity she desires in her life. This often entails business meetings, personal development sessions, and lots of hustle and discipline. On weekends she nourishes her soul by creating time for relaxation and exploration. This might mean having a beach day with her best friend, trying out a new tapas restaurant for date night, or hosting a game night with family/friends.

What enlivens her? Connecting with like-minded people! Being a part of a community where people have similar goals and aspirations is incredibly important and helps to make her feel energized and motivated.

What does she read, watch, listen to? Some of her favorite books are The 4 Agreements, You Are A Badass, Big Magic and basically all murder mysteries. Some of her favorite TV specials are That 70’s Show, Scrubs, Netflix standup specials and of course The Notebook and Mean Girls (I mean common’). Music is her escape. Her mood dictates what genre she is listening to, but you can guarantee that she knows all the lyrics to whatever she’s listening to. When it comes to podcast, she listens to ones that provide insight on how to level up.


What does she has influence over? She is learning to have influence over her thoughts, which in turn shape her reality.

What can she do? As a multi-passionate individual, she is always trying new things and refining her skills. It is rewarding to her when she can take an idea from concept to reality. She feels the most empowered when she is able to physically construct an idea with her own two hands.

What resources does she control? She desires to have control over her time and her finances. Through reading blogs, listening to podcast, and gaining advice from people who are already where she wants to be, she is on a mission to educate herself on having control of her finances and her time.


What does she need in her life? In her work? In life, she needs to follow a structured routine that allows for some adventure and leisure. She needs friends that she can count on and lean on when necessary. In a relationship she needs open communication, ample laughter, and great chemistry. In work, she needs freedom and appreciation. She needs to have the freedom and trust to do the job the way she sees fit. She is a hard worker and she benefits from being recognized for her work ethic.

What is essential for her? It is essential to be in a space where she can express herself authentically and impact people in a positive way. It is also essential that she trusts the people in her life.

What is missing? The belief that she can create the life of her dreams without major struggle. She has picked up the limiting belief that money does not come easy, and often she feels like she works her ass off and is not compensated for her efforts.


What are her routines? She is a bit woo-woo, as people like to say. Her morning time routine consist of meditation and journaling because she likes to start the day in a positive frame of mind. On her drive to work she listens to podcast or audio books, gaining all the knowledge she can on how to improve her life. After work, she might squeeze in a quick 30 minute workout before dinner, but she mainly likes to tidy up the house and watch Netflix to unwind.

What is she buying? We’ll start by saying she has expensive taste. That’s not to say that she is at the point where she can indulge in the finer things as often as she’d like but she knows one day that she will be able to. At the grocery store she tries to buy organic whenever possible. As far as clothing, she buy quality over quantity. It is important to her to know who made her products and from what materials. She is willing to splurge on items that she falls in love with. When she has some extra money to spend, she loves to try out new natural skincare products.

What are her rituals? Her favorite ritual consists of drinking herbal tea in a hot Epsom salt bath.


What is her moral compass? Her moral compass is guided by integrity and authenticity. She is learning that if she takes actions in accordance with these values, the only expectations she needs to live up to are her own, which is liberating.

What makes her satisfied? What makes her frustrated? She is satisfied with herself when she feels that she has done her best. She gets frustrated with herself when she engages in negative self-talk. She gets frustrated with others when they say they are going to do something and do not follow through. She realizes this frustration is a projection of the anger she experiences when she, herself, doesn’t complete a goal.


What kind of person does she want to be? She wants to be known as a happy, creative, compassionate, and successful person. She wants to be the kind of person that people can count on and come to for advice. She wants to be a person of influence and a person who has the ability to impact peoples lives for the better.

What does her dream life look like? Her dream life is one of abundance, prosperity, and ease. She is surrounded by people who enrich her life and add value. She lives a balanced life of routine and adventure. Above all, she is joyful.


If you read that and found yourself saying “omg that sounds just like me”, welcome home. I created this business for YOU. As a multi-passionate person, myself, it was important for me to create a multifaceted business that touched on creative expression, thoughtful movement, collaboration, and education, as these are the things that have enhanced my own life beyond words.


The Facets of Fixxation

  • The REFRAME facet of Fixxation is where education is paramount. I developed the Stay Fixxated Mastermind to be an opportunity where I can work with you one on one, as your life coach, helping you to shift your mindset, define your desires, and transform your life. If you have lingering limiting beliefs, confidence will be fleeting, and success will seem impossible (no matter how cute your outfit is or how long you can hold a handstand in yoga class).
  • The ILLUMINATE facet of Fixxation is where thoughtful movement and collaboration take precedence. Now that you’ve completed the Stay Fixxated Mastermind and you’ve learned how to step into your life as the creator, it’s time to explore what gives your life meaning. Our studio fitness classes, meditation seminars, and collaborative workshops allow you try new things, meet new people, and build a community of supportive uplifting individuals.
  • The EXPRESS facet of Fixxation is where creative expression comes into play. You have taken the time and energy to develop your authentic personal brand and now you have the opportunity to show that brand to the world through fashion – which is SO DAMN FUN! Whether you revamp your wardrobe through online shopping, an in-store shopping trip with your bestie, or a private styling session, your clothing will be a direct reflection of your personal brand.


Fixxation is a lifestyle brand that was conceived to help you cultivate intention in your daily life. We are not just sustainable clothing. We are not just yoga and pilates. We are not just life coaching. We accommodate and applaud your complexity, and we are here to help you blossom in every area of your life.


xoxo, kara


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