Ethical & Sustainable Clothing - Sancia the Label

Ethical & Sustainable Clothing - Sancia the Label

Consumers have increasingly become aware of the negative impact fast fashion has on our environment and the individuals who make our clothing. Consciously choosing to support brands who are dedicated to sustainable and ethical practices decreases the demand for fast fashion while creating a need for positive change in the fashion industry.

As Sarasota’s only eco-friendly life-style boutique, Fixxation Boutique’s mission is to connect you with labels who merge aesthetics and ethics. We stock an array of sustainable women’s clothing and skincare brands who approach fashion and beauty in an ethical and transparent way, considering both people and the planet. And we think that’s pretty darn cool.

New year, new wardrobe. That’s how the saying goes right? To start the new year out on the right note, we are introducing a new sustainable women’s clothing line to Fixxation Boutique – and it is hella cute.

Meet, Sancia the Label.

When it comes to adorning your body, it’s obvious that you are looking to add ethical pieces to your wardrobe that fit your body right and last for seasons to come. Turns out, the main inspiration behind Sancia is to create functional, refined, and durable pieces – so basically, you’ve met your match.

Sancia started out in 2013 producing one of a kind hand-made luxury leather hand bags with custom gold hardware – which are stunning by the way (the Valere Clutch will be in-stock this February 2021). With the introduction of apparel in 2017, Sancia now encompasses a full range of products that still focuses on global influences and handcrafted processes.

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What makes Sancia a sustainable women’s clothing line you ask?

First of all when buying directly from Sancia, you’ll notice that all of the ethically handcrafted goods are shipped entirely plastic free. KUDOS Sancia, we see you. Considering we only ship our sustainable goods in 100% compostable mailers, we truly appreciate the effort taken to eliminate the use of plastic. But that’s not all. Sancia also focuses on designing their stunning collections with natural and eco-friendly fabrications. With intricate detail processes like hand-printing, hand-pleating and internal seam binding, these one-of-a-kind pieces are produces in small batches and are made to last a lifetime.


So obviously Sancia meets Fixxation Boutique’s sustainability requirements – or ethics if you will. But let’s talk about the aesthetic of Sancia the Label. Minimalistic silhouettes meets flowy fabrics to produce luxury clothing for the free spirited woman. Each collection seems to build upon the next, keeping a similar color pallet, and making the progression towards a capsule wardrobe inevitable.

We are truly in love with what Sancia has to offer and cannot wait for you to own a piece (or three) to your sustainable wardrobe.

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